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The PTO Reading Contest is ON!

three reading boysIt’s here!  The 2014 PTO Book Reading Contest is in full swing!  Ten weeks of reading fun leading up to a chance to win your very own e-reader!  Read more here

Plus, a drawing will be held each week of the contest for a $10 gift card to Gibson’s Bookstore in Concord!  Congratulations to these lucky weekly winners:

              • Week 1:  Aidan L.
              • Week 2:  Meredith R.
              • Week 3:  Ian K.
              • Week 4:  Juliette T.
              • Week 5:  Parker H.

DES Students Take Part in Bully X – Anti-Bullying Project


[Courtesy of Mrs. Turcotte]  Earlier this month, Mr. Harrington brought to the DES staff a World Wide Project called Legacy X.  One of its sponsors was our own Goffstown local group, Recycled Percussion.  The idea of the project was to have school children all over the world to take a stance against bullying.  We decided to participate, so each 1st grader was given a piece of red construction paper.  They had to draw a picture or write a statement about how to be a good friend and not a bully.  These papers were sent to the project where they were compiled with thousands of other school children’s anti-bully statements.  They were then assembled into a Red “X” in the middle of the desert.  Here is the YouTube video showing the end result: http://youtu.be/ozrxIKGfPAo.

DES Kitchen Kupboard Tip: Review the Menu With Your Child

open-shelving-beach-house-style“I didn’t know that’s what was for lunch today, can I have something else?”

This happens often in the DES lunch line!

We can help our children be prepared for the week’s menu by reviewing their choices with them  ahead of time.  Not only does this make things easier for our kids by knowing what to expect, but it also helps Mrs. Maille who often receives requests for alternate lunches which are pre-made and not available on request.

“I really want the kids to eat their lunches and if they are not happy with their choice, they will not eat it,” says Mrs. Maille.

Reviewing the menu with your child(ren) sounds like a simple suggestion, but it is important to ensure that lunch time runs smoothly for both the children and Mrs. Maille!

If you have any questions or concerns, you can email Mrs. Maille at mmaille@dunbarton.k12.nh.us.