Mission Statement and Bylaws


Dunbarton Elementary School PTO Mission Statement

  • To mobilize and support parents, teachers and student in Dunbarton in order to benefit Dunbarton Elementary School.
  • To serve as a communication link between Dunbarton Elementary and the Dunbarton community in order to promote a positive school/community relationship that will enhance the students’ educational and community environment and experience.
  • To enhance the educational outcomes of Dunbarton Elementary students by fostering support for the school’s educational objectives.
  • To enhance the educational facilities and opportunities for Dunbarton students and staff which are not otherwise provided for in the school’s budget.
  • To foster social, interpersonal and team-building skills among the student population.
This Mission is to be carried out through volunteerism and fund raising on behalf of the parents, students and staff of Dunbarton Elementary School.


Dunbarton Elementary School PTO Bylaws

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